McLaren 600 LT

$1,299.00 / day

Exterior Color: Dark Purple


Interior Color:         Black

Engine:                     3.8L Twin-Turbocharged V8

Horsepower:           592 HP

Torque:                    457 lb-ft

Rear Wheel Drive

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With 592 horsepower produced from a muscular V-8 engine, the McLaren 600LT is one quick, speedy beauty. It’s a must-have convertible that picks up speed in seconds and feels as smooth and swift as a whisper. The overall exterior of the vehicle makes it a showstopper and pure performance is what can be expected from this half a million dollar ride. Even with such speed, it’s hard to go unnoticed behind the wheels of the McLaren 600 LT as its exotic and unique look is impossible to ignore, making your Miami vacation dreams a luxurious reality.



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