Lamborghini Aventador S Roadster

$1,900.00 / day


Exterior Color:         Blue

Interior Color:         Orange / White

Engine:                      6.5L V12

Horsepower:            729 HP

Torque:                     507 lb-ft

All Wheel Drive

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Lamborghini Aventador S Roadster Review: Going Out With A Bang

The Lamborghini Aventador was first launched in 2011 and replaces the aging Murcielago as the new flagship model for the Italian brand. Like other Lamborghini cars, the aventador is named after a fighting bull. It’s a powerful, high-performing beast and is the only mid-engined V12 convertible left on the market. Retailing for nearly half a million dollars, this sleek luxury model boasts all the finest features money can buy and gives what is expected of the hefty price tag. It is no wonder that this exotic ride has earned a decent reputation for itself with automotive magazines such as Car and Driver calling it “The best Lamborghini ever” and Motor Trend describing it as “The friendliest V12 supercar in the world.”.


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